Develop Marketing Focus

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January 2017

This initiative is ranked green because of Malone’s defined marketing and recruitment plans. Program specific marketing plans are being developed on schedule.

For other goals and accomplishments related to this objective, see below.

Develop Marketing Focus

  • Creating a marketing plan with associated outcomes and costs. Create a culture in which all university processes enhance our identity and commitments; Analyzing the allocation of marketing budget funds
  • Partnership between academic affairs & marketing recruitment to increase enrollment for new and existing programs
  • Marketing the Academic Program: new recruitment materials, creation of major sheets for all programs, creation of major app for use by admissions counselors, coaches, and faculty/staff, “From Here to Anywhere” microsite featuring recent alum outcomes, email and direct mail campaign for new majors

Previous Quarterly Updates:

July 2016

This initiative is ranked green with the development of defined, aggressive marketing and recruitment plans utilizing a variety of voices, tactics, and media.