Increase Awareness

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January 2017

This objective is yellow because measures for incoming students are yellow and green but measures for total enrollment are yellow and red. Malone continues to focus on its youth group visitation program to better quantify results.

For other goals and accomplishments related to this objective, see below.

Increase Awareness

Learn how Malone University is increasing awareness of its programs, people, and reputation!

  • New marketing initiatives to reach a range of markets through a variety of mediums (e.g. virtual tour, location video, daily news briefs, academic summer camps, expansion of SEO, Pandora and traditional radio ad campaigns, “Malone is…” campaign for Route 62 sign, IP address targeting)
  • New marketing initiatives for GPS, including refreshed community college outreach and refined structure for Information Sessions. New communication flow for adult students, and implementation of Instant Decision nights.
  • Refined approach to social media and media relations based on feedback from the Malone community and Grabowski&Co.
  • Distribution of new recruitment materials to alumni in secondary school settings and pastoral staff at local churches (approx. 200 for each group, strategically chosen for their relationship to MU)
  • Expand strategies for recruitment: Increase the size of the inquiry pool and improve the conversion rate to deposits through application generation [purchased more prospect names through Ruffalo CODY (RC) in our secondary markets and by academic interest. RC TAG program also assisted with email and direct mail campaigns, as well as calls to inquiries to gauge likelihood of application.]
  • Creating admission visit programs specifically targeting recruitment centers (marketing launch of new majors, creative writing national contest, Zoo Bio visit day, behind-the-scenes theatre event, marching band and high school honors choir, cross country, and youth group outreach visits)
  • Marketing the Academic Program: new recruitment materials, creation of major sheets for all programs, creation of major app for use by admissions counselors, coaches, and faculty/staff, “From Here to Anywhere” microsite featuring recent alum outcomes, email and direct mail campaign for new majors
  • Full-time faculty teaching in CCP programs at GlenOak and Cornerstone Christian; faculty involvement with local schools and STEM and art academies
  • SEHD collaboration with Stark County Educational Service Center on a new Gifted Endorsement
  • SEHD newsletter to area educators
  • Center for Christian Faith & Culture meetings with area religious leaders
  • SNHS partnership with Aultman/their Community Health Initiative
  • Improve strategies for recruitment: Strategic list purchase initiative – purchasing names from sources that more greatly connect with Malone’s mission (e.g. NRCCUA Christian High Schools, Christian Connector) and “good fit” data

Previous Quarterly Updates:

July 2016

This initiative is ranked yellow, as applications for the traditional, undergraduate program have been increased greatly while inquiries to graduate and degree completion programs have not grown at a comparable rate.