Advance Learning Outcomes

GreenThumb (1)January 2017

This objective remains  green. The Spiritual Formation program continues to function well and is being assessed on an ongoing basis. 

For other goals and accomplishments related to this objective, see below.

Advance Learning Incomes

  • Music Department achieves NASM accreditation
  • CSWE and OBN accreditation/licensure visits
  • Becoming an All Steinway School
  • 400+ Spiritual Formation Opportunities (SFOs) offered each year
  • “From Here to Anywhere” microsite featuring recent alumni outcomes
  • Daily news briefs highlight #outcomes; Malone community is encouraged to share briefs with new constituencies
  • Students will successfully complete their chosen course of study prepared to live, work and serve in a culturally diverse and technologically evolving society [Measure: Review of annual Assessment Reports; Learning Impact Reports – % of reports turned in; % increase in retention and graduation; participation in FinishLine, outcomes; Alumni survey – # alumni employed in major-related fields and alumni satisfaction assessment]
  • Enhance opportunities for students to engage in spiritual development and to learn about faith integration [Spiritual Development Survey; CCCU common questions on SSI; institution specific questions on SSI]

Previous Quarterly Updates:

July 2016

This objective is ranked green because the most crucial initiative associated with this goal was the conversion of our Chapel program to a Spiritual Formation program. While there are resource and personnel challenges faced in that program, the initiative is progressing very well.