Introduction: Advocates of Hope

David King

David King, President

Clarity and purpose have never been so important as they are in the current climate of higher education. Never before have students been asked to carry so much financial burden – to enter a still uncertain marketplace. Never before has the cost of an education been so dear. And never before has the world so desperately needed the kind of person who graduates from Malone University.

We introduce you to a plan that focuses on clear and shared objectives and alignment with resources (operational budget and fund raising) to continue providing our very best for students.

We do this because we are passionate about the holistic education Malone University offers to college students of all ages. We are utterly committed to transforming the lives of our students, to developing men and women in intellectual maturity, wisdom, and Christian faith who are committed to serving the church, community, and world.

We are advocates of hope in a world that is in desperate need of people who are living transformed lives. As people who are being transformed by Christ, we witness to the truth in many ways – as stated in our Foundational Principles – by engaging in research, scholarly inquiry, and professional endeavor; working for justice and strengthening community life in every capacity.

We are advocates of hope in the way we are called to know Christ and make Him known through the integration of faith and learning in the ways in which we, as an institution, equip students to fulfill their callings as we nurture intellectual curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, compassion, and spiritual growth. Because we are anchored in an active, living hope that is our breath, our present, our future – we have hope to offer the church, the community, and the world.

Our efforts to deliver, advance and steward our mission, our objective to affect the lives of our students each day, and our desire to sufficiently support and cause our faculty and staff to flourish will be enhanced by clear and broadly shared goals, priorities and alignment.

– David A. King, Ed.D., President of Malone University


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